Your Belief System and How It Influences You

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Your belief system is a set of precepts that make you understand what you experience in life. It’s a collection of all the thoughts, values, attitudes and actions gathered all throughout life that make you who you are today. A belief is a concept that you readily accept to be true, and usually it’s unquestionable. It’s deeply rooted in your subconscious mind therefore you act upon it and most of the time automatically. This is a frequent behavior among people; however, we have to question our beliefs and habits before acting upon them. Frequently, you don’t think or question a belief or a habit, whether it be negative or positive, you just act upon it right? For example, you see a product that you like, a book or anything else and you feel you gotta have it since you think you need it and it’s natural for you to just buy it. Now, oftentimes what happens is that you keep coming back for more because it just feels right.

Any belief that you accept as truth with a capital “T” gets stored in the great resource of your subconscious mind, the part of your mind that govern your belief system. Once this has taken place, a new belief becomes part of your programming that will conduct your behavior from that point on. The interesting thing about a belief is that when you say you’re right, you’re right; and when you say you’re wrong, you’re also right. Allow me to elaborate. When you say to yourself, “I will never be rich! You are in fact programming your mind to live in poverty and any effort that you consciously try to break this pattern will fail because it’s incompatible with your belief system. The funny thing is that your mind is so powerful that it can either help you to become rich or keep you from becoming one. A rule of thumb -choose your beliefs wisely.

Also, You will constantly find yourself sabotaging any progress that you make to break the pattern and you will not know why this is happening. On a conscious level you will want to get ahead, but subconsciously, your beliefs are contrary to what you really want. Oftentimes these beliefs have been acquired since childhood through your parents, teachers, religious leaders, the media, and other influences, that’s why sometimes you are unaware of them.

When you are conscious of what’s going on in the surface and underneath it: (consciously and subconsciously), the recommended plan of action is to question your beliefs.

Ask yourself:
1. What do I believe in?
2. Why do I believe it?
3. Is this belief in harmony with my values, attitudes and actions?
4. Is this belief in accord with what I really want?

Course of Action to Questions #3 & #4:
If yes, keep it
If not, change it a.s.a.p

Note: Your Personal Growth Plan eBook will help you jotting down your beliefs. Download it instantly by entering your name and email at the orange box in the sidebar. —> There!! Haha!

These questions will definitely get your mind on the right track because they’re intended to get to the bottom of your belief system. If answered sincerely, they will define who you are and what you truly believe in. Make a list of the things you believe. If you have no idea where to start, think about the things you do daily; the interaction with others and the world as a whole, they’re a clear reflection of your beliefs. For example: If you play the piano tirelessly everyday, your essential or core belief might be: “I love music.” Why do you believe this: “I believe it because I enjoy playing the piano everyday.” Would you keep or change this belief? “I’ll definitely keep it because it’s in harmony with what I want.” See, it’s easy. Make sure you make a list of your Core Beliefs: beliefs that know are essential to you. One of my core beliefs, for instance is, “I love helping out and adding value to people.”

There are two types of beliefs you have to be aware of though, negative and positive beliefs. The negative ones cause major frustrations and make you feel bad, they tend to drain your energy; while positive beliefs empower you to feel great about yourself. Now, you may want to download the FREE eBook and make a list of your beliefs and go through the process of questioning them.

If you consciously think a certain belief isn’t helping you get what you want, It’s because you have a negative belief occupying your mind. Replace it with a new positive belief and make it your objective to believe it from that point on. Make sure you read it aloud passionately, I repeat, passionately, on a daily basis. The subconscious mind is influenced by the power of your emotions, therefore, reading passively new beliefs simply do not work.

You will find that “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought,” Napoleon Hill. See more of Napoleon Hill in my Resources Page.

Soon enough you’ll be capable of influencing your subconscious mind to help you achieve your true desires by questioning each belief that you have.

What are some of the beliefs you’d like to question now?
Make a list of those beliefs and share some of them in a comment below.

Thanks everyone, have a great day!

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